Mountain Grove School District inspires excellence in learning with the right I.T. infrastructure

Mountain-Grove_ResizedAt a Glance

Name: Mountain Grove School District
City: Mountain Grove
State: MO
Student Population: 1400
Interesting Fact: The Mountain Grove School utilizes a diversity of Linux solutions to keep up with their mission of inspiring the students to become creative thinkers.


Mountain Grove School District’s mission is to prepare their students to become successful, life-long learners. The school believes that the students should be inspired, creative, and challenged to think outside of the box.

The district’s IT networking equipment was aged and performed below expectations. The school was looking to implement new equipment to upgrade a part of their network. This was necessary for delivering a smooth digital learning experience in the classrooms.


Richard Nelson, the Technology Director, had dealt with CDI earlier for all of the school’s IT needs. The school had a positive and trustworthy relationship with the company.

When contacted by the school, CDI presented a proposal for upgrading the school’s networking equipment. A Gigabit Ethernet and Fast Ethernet Layer 2 HP 1810-24G switch was installed in the school’s building. The switch with its intuitive web interface allowed for easy management and administration of the school network. The latest energy-saving capabilities including Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE) and idle-port power down made it ideal to be installed in the school premises.

Looking Ahead

The school is looking to partner with CDI to make a steady migration of all their IT equipment in order to keep up to date with the modern-day technology.

“Partnering with CDI was but natural as we have always had a splendid experience with the company’s computers and IT equipment as well as the services of an excellent sales rep.”

Mr. Richard Nelson, Technology Director at the Mountain Grove Schools.