Troxell-CDI helps educators
connect students to a love of learning

Educators are faced with higher-than-ever expectations and budgets that aren’t keeping up. We are here to help by supplying technological ecosystems that include a complete spectrum of classroom-ready hardware and proven educational systems that connect students and teachers.

We mean “connect” in the broadest sense. More than just wifi and internet connectivity, we mean connecting students to subjects in ways that stimulate. We mean connecting students to each other for collaborative projects and engaging parents in the education of their children. Most importantly we mean connecting students to their teachers with an emotional bond that sets them on a path of lifetime achievement.

Get the best-in-class educational technology

Classroom-ready and simpler for your staff:

We handle all aspects of your deployment saving you time and resources:

Troxell-CDI takes care of important details

account managers

To help you with the purchasing, lifecycle management and support

Comprehensive warranties

The most comprehensive, longest warranties in the business - guaranteed!

Leasing &

Our team stretches budgets big or small, to deliver maximum value

Stellar Support

After the technology is deployed, we provide ongoing support and service