Impero: Cross-platform device management software at its best

Impero specializes in supplying the global EdTech sector with remote monitoring and management software designed to support digital learning in the classroom, protect student online and enhance IT processes.

Promote a dynamic learning environment

Empowering Teachers

Industry-leading classroom control features for focusing learning in the cloud across Chromebooks and other devices.

Supporting technical teams

Scalable cloud-based network management for remotely managing devices across schools and districts.

Protecting Students

Powerful student online safety technology for protecting students with real-time monitoring and keyword threat detection.

Impero Education Pro

Our flagship package built up of Impero EdTeach, Impero EdProtect and Impero EdAdmin. It seamlessly combines the three essential elements required to support digital learning across Chromebooks and other devices.

Classroom management – Empowering teachers with classroom control features for Chromebooks and other devices to improve learning in the cloud.

Network mangement – Supporting school technical teams with remote control and network admin tools.

Student online safety – Protecting students with powerful cloud-based online safety technology, in line with best practice.

Impero EdTeach

Designed to help support Canada’s forward-thinking approach to EdTech, Impero EdTeach enables teachers to facilitate technology-based teaching and learning, via one-click tools, to focus learning and control technology in the classroom.

Real-time monitoring – Focusing learning with a live thumbnail view of all student screens, including all open tabs, providing teachers with visibility of what their students are working on. 

Online testing – Setting up a secure testing environment with the abiltiy to restrict or allow acceess to specific websites and applications, automaticall open an online testing resource on all devices, and monitor student activity in real time.

Messaging & live chat – Enabling discreet communication between teachers and students, or working groups, to assist remotely, provide feedback, or for collaborative working sessions.

Impero EdAdmin

Managed via a centralised web console, Impero EdAdmin enables IT staff to remotely trackmonitor, and manage resources across the entire school network – even on multiple sites.

Remote control and support – Providing technical teams with remote access (across multiple school sites) to identify and resolve issues, so resources remain functional and up-to-date, minimizing disruption for teachers and students alike.

Four-eyes authentication – Introducing a new level of security for users who handle sensitive data and requiring confirmation by a second user for any authorization.

Personalized experiences – Compiling real-time data on all devices in a visual dashboard to provide a complete view of all usage across the network, including software, applications and website activity.

Impero EdProtect

Designed in response to the changing EdTech landscape, Impero EdProtect’s state-of-the-art student online safety feature helps schools to promote good digital citizens, keep students safe and comply with provincial cyberbullying laws.

Keyword detection – Identifying key words, phrases abbreviations or acronyms, which are typed, used or viewed anywhere on the network to help pinpoint vulnerable students potentially engaged in at-risk behavior.

Anonymous student reporting – An anonymous reporting tool, named Confide, enables students to report pastoral concerns (anonymously if they choose), either about themselves or another student, to a trusted member of staff.

Capture management – Providing a historic log of all online activity, including screenshot and video captures, with incident handling and reporting tools to evidence misconduct or student well being concerns, which can be shared with relevant staff to intervene where necessary.

Impero EdAware

Empowering schools to monitor and audit their safeguarding practices, and track safeguarding concerns in a central record, Impero EdAware helps to flag early warning signs, enable informed intervention and ultimately keep students safe.

Student profile – Have informed counselling sessions or behaviour management conversations, with a detailed background and demographic profile on each student. 

Concern chronology – Access a complete safeguarding history for each student, including pastoral, child protection, behavioral concerns, or mental health needs, as well as first aid incidents and medical needs and a log of medicine administration.

Intervention management – Track and manage the follow-up action in relation to all incidents, detailing any external referrals made. This detailed log helps schools audit and review their safeguarding activity.

Impero EdLink

Simplifies the configuration and management of mobile devices for technical teams, while ensuring teaching and administrative staff have access to comprehensive classroom control to keep students focused and protected when using mobile devices.

Time & geolocation-based management – Allowing schools to control device applications and settings, based on location, with Intelligent SSID, GPS and Beacon technologies.

Provisioning & controls – Managing access to applications and content as per the school’s acceptable use policies (AUPs). Set up flexible controls based on time, user, year groups, or device location, ensuring only age-appropriate content can be accessed.

Granular reporting and analytics – Delivering granular reports on online activity and device usage, including the ability to view data (such as device history or non-syncing devices) via a real-time dashboard. Advanced data filtering and configured filters provides in-depth insight.

How Troxell-CDI helps extraordinary educators

“The only access to technology many of our students will get is at school. It is critical that we provide equipment and computing power that keeps them engaged without getting frustrated.”

– Michael Thompson, Technology Director

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