We handle deployment so teachers can focus on their students

The hardware and devices themselves are just a small part of what it takes to achieve positive classroom results. We looks after other necessary tasks that are often time-consuming and repetitive tasks, so when the technologies arrive at your school, they are connected to appropriate online resources and immediately usable by students.

We help IT managers track and safeguard investments in educational hardware, retire and dispose of earlier generations of equipment and set up new devices. Our goal is to make the introduction of new technologies easy so teachers can focus their energies on helping their students develop a love of learning for lifetimes of achievement.

Troxell-CDI's deployment services

Device Customization

Including Asset Management, Windows Custom Imaging, Chromebook White Glove, School Branding


Including Custom Virtual Warehousing, Insurance Protection, Specialized/Compact Packaging, and Delivery/Disposition

Device customization for easier deployment

Asset Management

Keep track of many devices in your classrooms with fully customizable asset tags​

Windows Custom Imaging

Automate the process of loading custom Windows images onto all your devices

Chromebook White Glove

Pre-configure Chromebooks based on your needs for a classroom-ready experience

Custom School Branding

Add a school logo or other message directly to every device you order​

Delivered classroom-ready and easier for your staff:

We’ve gained years of expertise from working with schools and we can easily accommodate requirements like multi-location simultaneous shipments, tight delivery windows, removal of old equipment and packaging.

How Troxell-CDI helps extraordinary educators

13,000 Chromebooks for California school district completely changes curriculum delivery

“It’s pretty amazing to see how quickly things have changed,” states Jim Wasielewski, Technology Coordinator. “In the grand scheme of things not a whole lot of money can make a huge difference when it comes to the way everyone works – the teachers, students, staff – in the classroom and beyond.”…

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