Device customization: fully tailored to your needs

When you order educational devices remember they require configuration and customization. We execute the important, often time-consuming and repetitive tasks, that will help safeguard your investment. When devices arrive at your school, they are classroom-ready and immediately usable by students.

Get our staff to configure your device fleet

Asset Management: Keep track of devices​

Keeping track of many generations of technology in large numbers of classrooms is challenging. However, it is necessary for lifecycle management, warranties, servicing, financial oversight and to minimize damage and theft.

We make the process easier by applying asset tags to devices that display the information of your choice, including custom fields defined by your district. We apply tags of all shapes and colors in your choice of material, including paper, vinyl and metal.

Windows Custom Imaging: Simplify configuration of multiple devices

A custom Windows image is a snapshot of the system
including the volumes/partitions needed for the operating system, the programs and settings including the desktop graphic. If each Windows device is set up manually, one-by-one, the process requires a lot of time and skill. We relieve your team of this burden.

One of our experts will configure the device to your specifications, or we will use a drive that you have configured. Then, after checking that each device is working correctly, we use an automated system to load the custom Windows image onto all the devices. 

Chromebook White Glove Service

We make the deployment of Chromebooks seamless. Our
technicians pre-configure devices based on your requirements so they are ready to use when they reach the classroom. We are a certified provider of the White Glove service that includes:

  • Unit quality assurance
  • WIFI configuration
  • Apply latest Chrome OS updates
  • Enroll Chromebooks to your domain
  • Confirm enrollment with Chrome Management Console

School Branding reduces breakage and theft

We can add a school logo or other message directly to every device you order.

Why? It not only looks good promoting a sense of ownership and pride, it also significantly reduces breakage and theft.

Our team will work with you to come up with an appropriate design, send samples and then apply the devices.

We will also create colorful decals, either magnetic or adhesive, that can be applied to charging carts and other hardware.