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We are arriving at a new tipping point, where every student has a device that teachers can manage conveniently and where it is easy for educators, students and parents to collaborate with each other, as well as connect to wonderful new devices with surprising capabilities.

Each student is unique, with different capabilities, learning styles, and ever-changing interests. Some students thrived in traditional classrooms, but many would feel defeated, lose interest and get left behind. With 1:1 devices and a growing toolkit of devices and applications, teachers can customize their pedagogy for each student.

We interact with many thousands of educators every year and can see which devices, tools and ways of using them are proving successful. We see it as our job to promote only technologies that are effective and champion innovative teachers, celebrating their successes.

Empower students to achieve more

3D Printing

3D design and printing helps teach skills that are necessary for jobs in architecture, engineering and fabrication, but more importantly they encourage students to solve problems in new ways and think creatively. We sell and support the industry-leading Dremel 3D Printers.

Virtual Reality kits

Transform the learning experience with Virtual Reality kits. Take students on virtual field-trips anywhere on the planet and guide them through interactive lessons. Designed for schools, the kits come preloaded with Google Expeditions. Troxell-CDI sells, rents and supports Magellan and Lenovo VR Kits

Learning Software

We support a variety of software and apps, including G-Suite for Education, Chromebook apps for STEM, active listening and media literacy as well as innovative systems for online collaboration, such as Parlay.

How Troxell-CDI helps extraordinary educators

13,000 Chromebooks for California school district completely changes curriculum delivery

“It’s pretty amazing to see how quickly things have changed,” states Jim Wasielewski, Technology Coordinator. “In the grand scheme of things not a whole lot of money can make a huge difference when it comes to the way everyone works – the teachers, students, staff – in the classroom and beyond.”…

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