Photon: A world-class robot for children

Photon is an interactive educational robot that introduces children to the world of new technologies through experiences and experiments. Photon supports children in developing the basic skills of modern times. It helps them develop creativity, improve their logical thinking abilities and learn the basics of programming.

Photon's Superpowers

Photon: the only robot that develops with each child

Photon is designed for learning at home and school, where children develop their robots by solving tasks and experiments. All tasks and experiments are based on a story in which users help Photon to explore our world.

Photon’s skills are closely related to child’s progress. When we pull the robot out of the box…it can not do anything at all. Children must help him learn everything from scratch – how he moves, what colors he has and how he interacts with the environment using carious sensors.

Photon is packed with features to enhance learning

Up to 8 hours of play on a single battery charge​
Charging via microUSB cable​
Photon's dimensions: 172 X 170 X 190 mm​
Photon's weight: 690 gram​
Compatibility (CE, RoHS, EN-71)​

Photon Academy

Photon provides an engaging way to teach students coding as early as Pre-K to middle school and beyond

Photon Academy enables teachers to integrate age appropriate coding into lessons to help engage students in content while they practice problem-solving, critical thinking and computational thinking.

The only robot that grows with your students.

How Photon Works

Photon is ready to work just after opening the box, it does not require any configuration. Simply download free mobile app and start your adventure. It can be used by any teacher – even without technical preparation and experience. Every teacher receives a set of lesson scenarios and classes conducting tips. All integrated within the application – free and easy to use.

How Troxell-CDI helps extraordinary educators

“The only access to technology many of our students will get is at school. It is critical that we provide equipment and computing power that keeps them engaged without getting frustrated.”

– Michael Thompson, Technology Director

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