CDI partners with Bosch to deploy 3D Printers in K-12 Classrooms

With Education-ready 3D Printers that come with curriculum tools, lesson plans and stellar support, CDI continues to revolutionize learning.

CDI, one of North America’s leading providers of education-ready technology solutions, has partnered with Bosch and announced the release of 3D printers designed specifically for K-12 classrooms. The 3D printers are the newest addition to CDI’s well established lineup of hardware and software products built exclusively for education.

Manufactured by Dremel, a subsidiary of Bosch, CDI’s newest product line, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder is much more than a 3D printer. Similar to CDI’s Chromebooks, Notebooks and Tablets, it is a comprehensive learning ecosystem. It delivers 3D printing integrated with a specifically designed curriculum, customizable lesson plans and activities.

“Because classroom technology continues to evolve, we wanted to provide students with a tool that truly captures their limitless potential,” said George Velez, Manager, Dremel 3D Education. “Paired with support and resources that help teachers integrate the technology into their instruction, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder can spark students’ interest in important STEM concepts,” George added.

“CDI continues to add innovative technology to its line card with the goal to help educators teach in new and more engaging ways. Each year, we work with over 4,000 school districts and other educational institutions in the United States. In the last 12 months the one product they consistently inquired about was 3D printers. We are pleased to meet their needs with a new, integrated 3D printing solution.”

Mr. Fred Hastings, VP of Purchasing, CDI

CDI’s ni1dea_bu1lder logoew 3D printing system is designed to satisfy children’s natural curiosity to explore and create. Dremel has not just designed a product, but a unique learning experience. Students are immersed into an innovative environment and engaged to think critically, be creative, collaborate and build real objects.

CDI is the leading provider of technology-based solutions to the North American education market. CDI delivers a powerful value proposition to budget-conscious institutions by providing brand name I.T. products at a significant discount to the cost of new equipment, along with the longest warranties in the industry. CDI’s product line includes PCs, notebooks, Chromebooks, tablets, servers, 3D printers, telecommunication tools, and other technology equipment. The company holds ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications, and processes more than one million I.T. assets annually.

Source: PRWEB