Are your I.T. needs exceeding your budget?

Leasing enables school districts to pay for IT equipment, month to month, over the lifespan of the technology. Paying a steady amount from operational budgets, rather than needing to raise a substantial one time capital amount, suits many districts better.

Through Troxell-CDI’s leasing service, more than 200 school districts are able to provide devices to thousands of students.

Why you should consider leasing

Troxell-CDI’s leasing program is competitively priced

Thanks to our financial partners and the volume we handle, we offer low financing rates exclusively for publicly funded schools. Let us show you commitment-free, preliminary pricing.

Expertise for improved student outcome

You will be in good hands.
Not only you get to enjoy unparalleled flexibility, you will be assigned an account manager backed by a large, stable team with proven school expertise.

Full lifecycle,
beginning-to-end support

We help school districts plan technology acquisition, select the best devices, deploy, deliver, support and then retire aged assets. Leasing supports your refreshing cycles without compromising your budget.

Trustworthy warranties
& stellar support

We trust educators implicitly. This principle defines our warranty and the process to fulfill it. Troxell-CDI warranties are the easiest and most predictable in the industry.

Our leasing program
is flexible

Because every school is different!
You can choose to stretch your payments over three (3) or four (4) years while refreshing your IT fleet as often as you require.

We help you plan and manage your IT refresh

Whether you are looking to implement a new IT program or refresh your current fleet, we carefully plan all steps and help you manage your IT assets during their entire lifespan.

How to lease with Troxell-CDI

  • Contact your account manager or get us to assign you one
  • Lay out your school’s needs and expected timeline
  • Receive viable financing options and a preliminary quote
  • Approve Troxell-CDI’s leasing proposal
  • Credit review
  • Kick start your IT program

How Troxell-CDI helps extraordinary educators

13,000 Chromebooks for California school district completely changes curriculum delivery

“It’s pretty amazing to see how quickly things have changed,” states Jim Wasielewski, Technology Coordinator. “In the grand scheme of things not a whole lot of money can make a huge difference when it comes to the way everyone works – the teachers, students, staff – in the classroom and beyond.”…

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