Trustworthy warranties: We mean it

You only really get to know a vendor when claiming warranty on classroom devices. In some cases, you get to know a partner instead. CDI warranty is easy to fulfill and it has become the most predictable warranty in the industry with a $0 cost of ownership guarantee. Educators are delighted to be treated as top priority, by a resourceful team of 15 in-house customer service representatives.

Stay protected with warranties you can rely on

$0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee

With CDI’s warranty, there is no additional cost to maintain your units. We pay shipping both ways, we pay for the parts and we ensure that once you have the equipment, you will not go out of pocket to keep them running as long as they are being used in a reasonable manner.

Premium Extended Warranty

PCs and Notebooks for up to five years. Chromebooks for up to four years. I.T. Infrastructure products for up to three years.

Accidental Damage Warranty

For Chromebooks and other mobile devices for up to four years – choose from “Stay in school” or “Take home” options based on device usage.

Lifetime Warranty

On Mobile Cart parts and 3-year Warranty on electrical components and doors

Benefits of CDI Warranty

  • Speak to our technicians and solve the problem remotely
  • Send a unit under warranty back to CDI for repairs or request a full replacement
  • Suggest any other valid solution and watch our staff implement it
  • Over 20 years of expertise with school-specific issues
  • Single contact who will solve all issues without transfers or delays

How CDI helps extraordinary educators

13,000 Chromebooks for California school district completely changes curriculum delivery

“It’s pretty amazing to see how quickly things have changed,” states Jim Wasielewski, Technology Coordinator. “In the grand scheme of things not a whole lot of money can make a huge difference when it comes to the way everyone works – the teachers, students, staff – in the classroom and beyond.”…

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