Extreme Accidental Damage Warranty

We go the extra mile to get you covered

Throughout the years, educators have praised Troxell-CDI’s Accidental Damage Warranty for its ease of service and predictability. Now, we’re making it even better by adding an extra layer of protection at no cost to your school.

With Troxell-CDI’s Extreme Warranty, your investment goes a longer way.

More uptime, less headaches

With the purchase of Accidental Damage Warranty from Troxell-CDI, we'll add a FREE Extreme Shell Protective Max Case to every single device*.

Troxell-CDI's Accidental Damage Warranty comes with $0 Cost of Ownership Guarantee which means you won't go out of pocket to fulfill claims. The extra layer of protection of Troxell-CDI's Extreme Warranty results in more productive classrooms and reduced breakage. Choose between 3-year or 4-year coverage.


*Limited to specific Chromebooks and Windows devices. Consult with your dedicated account manager.

Benefits of Troxell-CDI's Extreme Warranty

Prevent Breakage

It is proven that adding protective cases to mobile device results in reduced breakage and now it's FREE!

Save time

With less devices to repair or submit claims for, you will regain your precious time at work.

Engage students

With no concerns around damage, teachers and students enjoy mobility and increased productivity.

Save Money

The protective case comes at no additional cost. You only pay for the accidental damage warranty.

Protect your investment

Devices with limited damage exposure will likely have a higher residual value at the end of life.

Extend the lifecycle

Protected devices will last longer in the hands of students allowing you to maximize on every IT dollar spent.

Devices with Extreme Warranty Coverage
& FREE Extreme Shell Case

Extreme Shell for Acer C731 Chromebook 11"


Extreme Shell for HP Chromebook 14" Gen 5

Extreme Shell for HP Chromebook 11" Gen 5 EE


Extreme Shell for Lenovo 100e Chromebook 11"

How Troxell-CDI helps extraordinary educators

“The only access to technology many of our students will get is at school. It is critical that we provide equipment and computing power that keeps them engaged without getting frustrated.”

– Michael Thompson, Technology Director

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